Behaving Badly

by Behaving Badly

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This album was written and recorded between August 2014 through December 2014 for the completion of my undergrad program, Music and Recording Technology, at California State University of Monterey Bay.


released February 17, 2015

All music and arrangements written by Victor Gil

All lyrics written by Victor Gil except
“Anxiety” and ”I’m Conflicted” by Greg Hanson and Victor Gil
“North of the Wall” written by Cameron Reed and Victor Gil
“We Shall Be Victorious” written by Cameron Reed

Victor Gil: Guitar, Eight-String Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Drum Programming, Vocals on“Don’t Be A Stranger” and “Snow”

Travis Gonzales: Drums on “Let’s Run Away Together”, “Conflicted”, and drum arrangements on “Anxiety”

Greg Hanson: Lead Vocals on “Let’s Run Away Together”, “I’m Conflicted”, and “Anxiety”, Banjo on “Don’t Be A Stranger”

Cameron Reed: Lead Vocals on “North of the Wall”, “We Shall Be Victorious”, and “Snow”

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Victor Gil

Stevo Burschinger, Travis Gonzales, Greg Hanson,
Mario Hernandez, Joey Pendergrass, Stevie Rae Stephens, Cameron Reed

Mastered by Greg Hanson at Greg Hanson Music

Recorded at California State University of Monterey Bay

Artwork by Victor Gil

Special thanks to...

My parents and my sister for encouraging me to pursue music, for always being supportive and for not telling me to turn down my music!

Greg Hanson for continuously supporting my efforts, giving me pointers, helping me write lyrics, and singing on my tracks at the eleventh hour.

Cameron Reed for writing and singing. These metal tracks wouldn't of been the same without your sexy voice.

My Sharp Nine homies, Emilie Bufford and Danielle Johnson

To the homies: Alex Jerez, Oger Carrillo, Dylan Lamb, JJ Sanchez, Alejandro Chavez, Laura Sanchez, Bernardo Gonzalez, Veronica Quezada, and Michael Parker.

Lastly, Cazzeri, for the amazing inspiration.



all rights reserved


Victor Gil California

Take a listen to my work.

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Track Name: North of the Wall
This blade it beckons for blood and death
The beauty that it brings
I couldn’t ask for a better ending
I will spill your blood

We are the brothers of the night
Watchers of the darkness
To defend the land
With cold Steel

And as you blood sprays across the ground
It is the greatest mark of victory
Your gasps for air, clawing for life
Abandoned and left to die

The climax is watching your life fade
Track Name: We Shall Be Victorious
The full moon calls us to bloodshed
A trumpet begins our march to victory
We ride through the night to meet our enemy
Our swords and shields are at our sides
We are ready to die

We shall be victorious
The king's hoard shall fall beneath our feet
Their black blood will purify the land
And end with their king's head on a stake

Our thundering armies marching to the front lines
Screaming and shouting out our war cries
We shall bury them all in an unmarked grave
Only the trees and this darkened sky shall know their names
Track Name: Snow
You are nameless
You can’t be seen
You are a traitor
Do you belong here?

You’re a bastard

You have bad blood
You want power
You are deceitful
Do you belong here?
Track Name: Let's Run Away Together
It’s now or never
No time to think it through
I want to leave this fuckin’ town

Don’t feel pressured
That time is running out
And going back won’t be easy

Let’s Run away together
And get fucked up
Let’s only think about ourselves

We’re blinded by the moment
Don’t really know how we feel
But it should last us through the night

Release me from this burden
And I will do the same
Track Name: I'm Conflicted
Suddenly I’m torn
Between my life
And the one I could’ve had
With you

I’m conflicted
You’ve depicted
How I’m supposed to feel
And I’ll tell myself
That I know you’re right
So you’ll never see
How I’m lost in you

And yeah it’s for the best
I don’t think I’ll ever fuckin’ rest
‘Till I can say that you’re mine
Track Name: Anxiety
I’m running out of time
The pressure’s building up inside
And it’s making me nervous to no end

Everyone has expectations of me
That I can’t meet when you’re around
But you’re not around
My anxiety won’t leave me be
You’ve gone away so you can’t see
That I’m not sound

My ex-girl thinks I’m shit
My best friend says she’s full of it
What am I supposed to do?
Track Name: Don't Be A Stranger
We started fresh without any ties
Without burdens on either side
We felt it was more than simple chance
There was doubt all around us

Hey, don’t be a stranger
No need to be cruel
Hey, don’t be a stranger
How do you do?

There’s no point in denying
That we won’t speak again
I’d like to call from time to time
Just to see what you’re about